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Gray Rugs

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Some people's first thought is to consider gray a dull color, but you've got the refined tastes to understand the elegance and subtlety of our gray rugs. Choose rugs patterned with ornate wallpaper designs, monochrome floral illustrations or tiles and other abstract art created with slightly varying shades of gray. When you want a dark contrast to a lightly colored room, add a carpet rug that features an antique wallpaper pattern of curvy, plant-like shapes rendered in black on a deep gray background. For an airy touch to a room with a dark color scheme and dim lighting, go for an area rug that pictures a single grayish white feather set against white.

Another gray rug brings brightness not only with its coloring but its imagery. Give your daughter a floor mat that shows a shiny silver and gray smiley face drawn on white. For the living room, go for modern art formed on your area rug with layered and overlapping squares of translucent gray.

Inspire your kids to creative thoughts and writing with a carpet rug that shows all of the letters of the alphabet jumbled together in different shades of gray. Give your husband a technological feel in his office with a floor mat that displays a glistening metallic gray surface. Some of our gray rugs even work in other colors, such as a pair of swerving turquoise, brown, tan, green and golden rainbows disappearing into a mix of gray and dark gray stripes, spheres and concentric circles.

Add the luxurious feel of silver and platinum to your home with our gray themed wall art and window curtains.

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