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When decorating a living room, the large pieces like couches, rugs and coffee tables usually are the first pieces you purchase and they set the theme for the type of room it will be. It might be contemporary, modern, rustic or classic. For any of these types of rooms, you will need accent pieces like throw pillows to complete the rooms. A couch without complementary pillows will never look finished. If you like any of these types of decorating, we have the designs to help you finish the look. A contemporary living room will be present day modern, but not futuristic type modern. A living room that fits this theme may have single, bold colored couches with geometric print or chevron pattern pieces. Different shapes of throw pillows will also fit this theme: try a combination of extra large to extra small pillows to make the couch look cool. Modern spaces will be more simple than contemporary. A modern living area will have basic couches, simple lamps and recessed ceiling lights for lighting, and simple rugs. With all the simplicity in the room, it's okay to have fun pictures or sayings on the accents like quotes in pretty text, or graffiti art designs, especially on items like body pillows. Rustic homes should be the most comfortable types of home. Walking into a room with country style accent pieces on the walls and an animal skin rug will make you feel like you're in a different world. Pillows can have pictures of farm animals and country comforters for your preferred bedroom theme. A tractor and farm equipment will make a rural home look complete. Or try a flannel style pattern. Finally a classic home with our shabby chic comforters with combination of big flowers in vases, plus flower patterns on the pillowcases will be sufficient. Going overboard in a classic themed home will not be advantageous. Keeping it simple, yet flowing with similar colors is the key.

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