Music Pillows

Vision Bedding’s music pillows represent popular genres of music conveyed through the images. You can place music pillows in your room or at work if you teach dance or singing classes. Decorate the room with our guitar music pillows!

The words printed on the guitar music pillow describe the rock genre. If you want an actual image of a rock singer, check out our rock and roll music pillow. The pillow illustrates an image of a rocker singing in front of a live audience. Even though the audience is not visible, you can guess that he is singing on a stage due to the lights above him.

In the image, he has assumed the rocker stance as he plays his guitar. You can see his short, blonde hair, hanging at shoulder-length, clearly. The hip-hop music pillow has colorful graffiti printed on a light blue background. You may see this type of graffiti on walls.

The jazz music pillow has an image of two musicians sitting on a bench, playing their instruments. The image is black and white, with the characters, the bench, and the buildings outlined in black. The only things with color are the tie, handkerchief, and the sunglasses.

In stock, we also have dancer music pillows and punk music pillows. An image of a ballerina is printed on the dancer music pillows and a band of punk rockers is printed on the punk music pillows.

If you like, you can provide us with a picture of yourself rocking out to your or someone else’s music. Look through the music pillow collection of each genre to see more.

Throw pillows are crucial to your room since they supply both a wonderful designer splash and much needed coziness. They are an excellent decorative element for your home's design so it is additionally important that you buy a style that will complement your interior design. From pillow shams to pillows, Vision Bedding has over 899 music patterns to suit your themed bedroom. Make a wonderful theme with pillow shams and pillows that will also perform as your bed’s focal point. You can have one image made for your pillow shams and a different design for your throw pillows which, jointly, will make a unique bedroom.

Pillows are not mainly for decor, they are also for relaxation, so you need to have a smooth material for your pillows. Not all pillowcases or shams are created similarly. More often the cheapest pillowcase is created with an uncomfortable material, or the fabric is not really thick and thins down eventually. Sleeping on a quality pillowcase can be a key factor of how well you sleep. VisionBedding’s music pillowcases, shams, and throw pillows can be made of cotton, microsuede, or polyester, making you comfy enough to have a restful night’s sleep.

What our clients love most about Vision Bedding is that the customization picks for your throw pillows are nearly limitless. Start with our gallery of over 800 visual designs, from standard patterns to unique animal themes. Then, customize them by altering an object or prominent shade, repeating an image you adore, taking out an object, or adding a name or picture to the pattern--always dyed straight into the fabric for color sharpness and vibrance. Mix that with the variety of sizes available and you are bound to locate a combination of pillows that will suit your music space exactly.

Having modern Vision Bedding pillows in your living area that match the rest of your music designed area will make any friend green with envy. Vision Bedding throw pillows can add life to the living space and make sitting down after work to be even more peaceful. Despite the fact that most people will not view the music decor in your bedroom, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t style the bedroom totally in a design you like! Have your pillowcases suit your one of a kind decor, and you should put some throw pillows on your bed too. Treasure looking at your music decorations every evening before you lie down and every day when you great the day.

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