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Everyone has a favorite band, singer, musician or just a favorite instrument to play that creates music. One of the most popular forms of entertainment just happens to be music, and now you can decorate with your favorite music themes, through Music Bedding by VisionBedding. Take your favorite concert photos, symbols of a favorite band, or just a picture of a favorite musical instrument and have it put on custom bedding, created just for you and designed by YOU! From guitar to piano, to the drum set or vocals, music is a popular form of self expression and art and what better way to display this art than through musical decor.

Now you can display this same form of musical art through your decor. Surround yourself in what makes you tick, hum or break out in song - this popular line of designs are meant to surround yourself in the things you're passionate about! Create your own or find the perfect design in a musical gallery filled with hundreds of options of designs.Turn your bed into a treble clef with heart shaped notes filling the canvas and spilling onto your pillows.Let that smokin' saxophone inspire sweet dreams of jazz music or an electric guitar turn you into Jimi Hendrex, or a bass into Les Claypool...Maybe all you need is a stage and a microphone and that's okay too!

Music bedding is a great way to express your style and personality better or just finish off a music themed bedroom. Music involves so many different styles, from alternative, punk and ska music to classical, jazz or country music. Different rhythms, beats and instruments make all different kinds of music, and just like music everyone's choice for musical themed bedding is adifferent style too. Don't fall victim to boring bedding designs that are one size fits all; create your own personalized bedding that matches you perfectly.

Add music themed rugs, posters, instruments, cool lights, and even a microphone or small stage to your room and you will go from an ordinary bedroom to a full out music bedroom with lots of style. Pairing your custom music bedding with some cool accessories can make it the coolest hangout for all your friends and a place where you can totally relax.







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