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Children with a passion for dance may prefer a baby bedding theme for their bedroom. If your child aspires to be a ballerina and/or is in ballet, refer to our dancer baby bedding. It shows a little girl leaping in the air on a black background with hints of white. If you have a little rock star in your midst, you may like our guitar baby bedding.

The guitar baby bedding has the words related to rock music scribbled all over it in colorful and bold letters—words such as “rock,” “music,” “progressive,” “guitar,” and more. The Rock N Roll baby bedding is another one in the rock genre, featuring the outline of a man playing his guitar in front of a pitch-black background with only a few lights shining down upon him.

If they like hip-hop music, you show them the hip-hop baby bedding. The hip-hop baby bedding is colorful with random images drawn on it. We also carry jazz baby bedding, featuring two jazz musicians, one with a guitar and the other one with a saxophone, sitting on a bench. The punk baby bedding features three musicians with crazy hair and colorful outfits on a white background.

You can decorate your newborn’s room with our music baby bedding to depict your own passion for rock, hip-hop, jazz, and punk music. If you have an image of your little boy or girl playing their favorite instrument or singing a song, send it to us so we can place it on the baby bedding.

A newborn baby is always a thrilling time for any parent and family. Styling the nursery is a great and artistic way to let your ideas sparkle through. Whether you desire throw blankets for a baby, or have a toddler getting ready to move from a crib to a bed, VisionBedding has all the child bedding you’ll ever need. For infants, we have baby throw blankets and crib sized comforters. For bigger kids, we have blankets, comforters and duvet covers. We have over 750 designs. We make it fun to complete the music design in your child’s nursery.

When shopping for music themed blankets for your baby, you want to make sure you are buying a high quality baby throw blanket or bassinet comforter. It’s essential that the fabrics used are gentle against your newborn’s skin. Our baby comforters are produced using a lush and luxurious microfiber fleece with a sateen cotton under layer. Don’t be amazed if this quickly becomes your child’s new favorite "blankie". It’s necessary that the blankets can live through repetitive washing. uses eco friendly water-based dyes that will not fade or change the feel of the material. Cleaning after cleaning, your infant’s music little blanket or comforter will stand the test of time.

Your child is not like any other baby in the universe, and you do not want their sleeping space to be like everyone else’s, either. With over 600 schemes to choose from, you are certain to find that particular factor to complete the music scheme that will fill that mini universe in the early years. And to fully make it your own, we offer you the option to adjust the coloring, replicate a design you like, take off images, or tailor with text or even a photo of your own, added straight into the weave of your child’s bed clothes. That picture that plainly declares “magic of childhood” to you can be more than an image on the wall, becoming the focal point of your child’s bedroom as a baby blanket or crib comforter. And when personality starts to develop and your toddler discovers more “likes”, you are able to find toddler comforters that reflects their favorite things.

Decorating an infant’s cradle in a baby room with music bedding is a bit more unique since, in most cases, hardly more than a couple blankets at a time are in the crib, and to observe any style, you would need to peer over the bed railing. Or, you can drape a blanket over the rail of the bassinet that is observable upon entering the room that will bring together the remainder of your design together. For big kid beds, music linens can be arranged in any way, whether it is a simple comforter and pillowcase or an entirely matching bed set complete with a duvet cover and shams!

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