Music Rugs

Webs Largest choices of Music themed home rugs. Each graphic is available in a specific size, or rug style such as a plush area rug.

You can place music rugs inside your room or outside of your music studio. The music themed rugs will describe your taste in your music to people. You can select from rock, punk, jazz, ballet, and hip-hop music rugs.

We have two music themed area rugs available in the rock category, guitar music rugs and rock and roll music rugs. The rock and roll music rug shows an image of a guitarist assuming his position– knees bent and back arched forward–to play his guitar.

The lights situated above him outline his body. The guitar music rug shows different words such as “lead”, “music”, “progressive”, and more printed on it. Consider combining the guitar and the rock and roll rug if you are going for a particular theme.

Graffiti-style images and words are printed on the hip-hop music rugs. The punk music rug displays a band of punk rockers playing their music. They sport funky hairstyles and clothes. The jazz music rug shows two jazz musicians sitting on a bench and playing their tunes in New York City.

Out of all the buildings situated behind him, one of them looks like the Empire State Building. In the black and white picture, the only other color you will see is red. The dancer music rug shows an image of a beautiful ballerina dressed in her pink tutu. She is jumping in the air on a black background. You can also send us a picture of yourself to place on a music themed area rug. You can find more related images by selecting the music genre.

More popular designs are those for musicians and composers. We have music note rugs that display sheets of music that they will enjoy. Playing music is a musicians passion, so musical themed area rugs should be displayed all over their studio. A pianist looks at musical notes all day, she dreams of them, so have a music note area rug right under the piano would be fitting. 

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