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Guitar Rugs

Music is something that is as fun as it is therapeutic and it is often a common ground upon which people can relate. Those who play instruments know the passion that goes into it and how it can really change a person's life. Whenever you are passionate about something, you usually want to be surrounded by it. For that reason, it is a great idea to decorate a musician's space with guitar rugs.

Some musical artists are really into the rock n' roll aspect and just love to shred. This is especially true of teenage boys who just got their hands on their first electric guitar. They will love tough guy designs for guitar rugs.

One variation teen boys are sure to love is covered in their favorite thing: flames. A flaming guitar player smashes his flaming instrument on his flaming amplifier in this design -- there is nothing more bad dude in existence. Others fall on the opposite end of the spectrum and just want to chill out with their acoustic.

This is very acceptable in terms of these contemporary rugs. One design shows off a white background with a cherry wood acoustic as the center of attention. It is surrounded by abstract wings, a paint splatter, and other colorful designs to make it a bit abstract and artsy looking.

It is perfect for anywhere a musician plans to jam. Another great design of guitar rugs features a close-up photograph of a shiny electric guitar. The image has been given a green tint to help create a more consistent color palette.

This is a total crowd pleaser because the composition of the photo will surely appeal to those who love art and photography. However, the close-up aspect of the image makes it a great design for those who love all the ins and outs of the instrument. Finally, there are designs of these area rugs which are perfect decorations for places used specifically for jamming and matching it with rock and roll themed wall art.

One example is a collage of a bunch of words which all pertain to music and instruments. For example, progressive, rock, lead, subgenre, music, and so on are all represented in different colors, fonts, and sizes. This gives these musical rugs a very modern look, making them the perfect decorations.

Guitar rugs are sure to be a big hit among musicians and appreciators of art alike. You can show off whatever you love to play, whether it is an acoustic or electric, a six-string or a four-string. There are designs which are so aesthetically pleasing they may even appeal to art enthusiasts who do not play the instruments.

There are also floor decorations which simply make the statement that this is a room where music will be made.

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