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Contemporary Rugs

VisionBedding's contemporary rugs will let you walk on the comfort of cutting-edge a beautiful woman. You might go with an illustrated field with an autumn-red tree in the shape of a heart.

And even if these styles don't fit your contemporary design instincts, why not design your own? A modernity. Try one of our evocative rug designs and you'll be able to feel like your house has transformed itself into a modern art gallery. Or, perhaps into a pop art gallery that manages to stay up-to-date on image and style trends as much as you do. Try a rug featuring the plump, red lips of contemporary rug from VisionBedding is a great way to bring a room together with an added touch of personalization. Raise the luminance of an abstract art piece bath mat for colors that seem to bleed into the air, or alter those hues to the low and cool in order to create a moody and reimagined abstract rainbow piece. Another choice might be swirls and droplets of white amongst a sea of fading blue make for a personalized rug that any boy would be glad to have in their room setting it apart from any other. Add your own pictures and messages so things can be as modern as your sensibilities. 

VisionBedding's contemporary rugs come in custom sizes, and also we have several styles of rugs to fit your own contemporary leanings. A round rug design with a rising jet of colorful droplets spreading up and out over a light background is a great way to add a digital touch to a teen room that needs a bit of added color and a modern theme. A custom size floor mat with a swirl of earth tones amongst a background of white gives a colorful undertone without overdoing it to bring a contemporary design to a personalized rug any guy can enjoy having in their room. Try area rugs with zigzags and plush rugs with four themed photos arranged in contemporary grid shapes.  

Contemporary rugs make for an ideal and honest theme in just about any room in the house that needs a rug. A word cloud arranged of purely vertical and horizontal architectural and design terms in gray and red make for a unique rug design that is truly up to the minute in style with an approach that will fit a home office perfectly. A more simplistic approach of four squares covered in the curving circular pattern of a kaleidoscope gives a unique appearance to a one of a kind room with a rug that is as stylish as it is simplistic. An aerial view of a modern sky-lined city lit up with hard edges of color from pinks to greens gives a futuristic view from an electronic perspective in order to make for a custom rug that can’t be found anywhere else. You can find matching contemporary decor as well to stretch the theme as far and wide as you want.

A contemporary rug from VisionBedding will prove to be the decor item that brings art into your home.  We know you care deeply about design, style, and modern and chic trends.  Embrace that elevated taste of yours and create a room with contemporary rugs helping to curate the theme. Take a walk on the mod side with VisionBedding's contemporary-themed rugs.  

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