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Contemporary Blankets

The color of water. Picasso-esque cube abstractions, both analytical and synthetic. Urban Pop Art. 70s Pop Art. VisionBedding's contemporary blankets feature these styles and many more so you can give your home the contemporary and chic touch with cleverly selected blankets arrayed throughout. These contemporary blankets are good accents for any retrospective look and any introspective mood. With a great collection of contemporary designs, from spots and stripes to moons and pinwheels, you can easily find a great blanket in this gallery.

And if none of our blanket designs is making you pop with the styles of modern pop art, then why not try matching it in your room paint color or wall art? VisionBedding offers full personalization and customization options so your blankets might blend in at an art gallery. Take our image of a charging horse represented into geometric color patterns and sap the hues for a black and white horse that feels like a reimagining of a chess knight. Add your own pictures and illustrations to our designs for a layer of personalization over our tailored styles.  

VisionBedding offers blankets in a couple of styles so you can fit the blanket to the contemporary theme of the room. Go with a throw blanket with a wide strip of colorful clouds. Or, perhaps a fleece blanket that shows abstract triangles in a variety of different yet related designs. These blankets have the variation necessary to fit into the theme of any room.

Speaking of theme, a contemporary throw blanket makes for a cherry on top of your modern ice cream sundae theme. Try adding a throw blanket with a paper city illustration on it to your city-themed bedroom. Or, add that same blanket to your contemporary themed guest bedroom that uses city designs as highlights to an abstract urban color assortment. Go for a multi-colored confetti themed room and use our blankets that show triangles of color, both straight-edged and more amorphous, as important items in the room's decor.  With either whimsy in your lines or an honest and edited style of constraint, we have the modern blanket themes that will add to your existing ideas or become the lynchpins for new ones.

VisionBedding's contemporary blankets will be an ideal touch of comfort in a home devoted to style. These blankets can become the perfect caps to the modern designs featured in the lines of art as well as in the decor of your home. Embrace your inner designer with these contemporary styles. Pretty soon your friends are going to be asking for design advice, and you'll have all the confidence to steer them down a path of contemporary comfort. 

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