Music Wall Art

Decorate your walls with Vision Bedding’s music wall art. You can add a splash of color to the room with one of our music wall arts. You can choose the dancer music wall art if you teach a class or are a ballerina yourself.

On the dancer music wall art, the picture of the ballerina is more prominent, which is due to the black background she is dancing upon. She is wearing her ballet costume, performing a popular ballet dancing position. If you prefer to showcase different genres in your home, see the guitar music wall art and the rock and roll music wall art.

In the guitar music wall art, bold and colorful words are printed all over it. In the rock and roll music wall art, there is an actual picture of a rocker on stage. The lights located above his head highlight his shoulder-length blonde hair, his figure, and his guitar.

Another music wall art to feature the image of people holding their guitar and jamming to their own beats is the punk wall art. The band is composed of two guitar players and one lead singer. All of them are dressed the same, ripped jeans and cut-off shirts.

The hip-hop wall art illustrates graffiti-style images and words similar to what you may see on the walls. The jazz music wall art can work well with a mundane and black, white, and red theme, as it consists of those three colors. For more music wall art of a particular genre, click the image. You have the option to customize the music wall art and have a floor mat with a matching music design as well.

When designing, don’t neglect the walls. Showing off music wall art is a way to complete the design of your room. Whether you want to keep a gorgeous music theme throughout a space, or if you desire to show off a unique photo, VisionBedding has many wall art products to pick from. Our murals are created with strong vinyl and the canvas wrap is on a wooden frame about 1 ½ inches deep with the picture on the front and sides. Our wall tapestries are manufactured with microfiber material that you can hang from or tack to the wall. Vision Bedding has more than 200 graphics in stock and every single one of our wall products come in various sizing options.

When looking for music wall art, you don’t want to settle for sad, blurry images. You will find canvases or other wall art products for less money, but examine the quality you would be getting. VisionBedding’s wall art has vivid, rich colors with fresh, in focus printing. The wall art that you hang up can become the center of attention of any room and you definitely don’t want your friends and family to be left with the impression that your art style is faded. Make them exclaim, “Oh my!” by hanging up one of Vision Bedding’s amazing music designs. We make the best quality materials, from the wall canvases, vinyl or microfiber fabric, to our eco friendly water-based dyes. Our wall art products are built to last.

VisionBedding has many customizing choices for your music themed wall art. Simply change the color theme to go with your living space or add text to the design to give it that personal magic. Upload your own drawn designs and pictures, customizing your wall art in whatever form or look you are wishing to create. VisionBedding can custom size your tapestry or mural, making it simple to install or take up an entire wall. Just want some stickers or decals? Vision Bedding allows you to customize that too.

Wall art is generally the main decoration of an interior's look, so decorate your walls with customized music wall art that artistically represents you. May it be some detachable stickers for a child’s bedroom, a tapestry in the master bedroom or a large wall mural for a one of a kind music themed family room. Let your wall art show off your charm and style by picking one of’s many wall art products for your artistic pleasure.

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