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Egyptian Pillows

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Egypt is so fascinating that some people spend their entire lives studying it. Now you can experience the wonder and the history of Egypt in your own home with our custom Egyptian pillows, pillowcases and shams. Thousands of years before the heights of classical Greece and Rome, the ancient Egyptians had intricate art, advanced inventions, and could even build their own mountains. With our designs, you'll be able to witness the Sphinx and Great Pyramids as they once looked in their full glory drawn on papyrus, or the photographic image of the Sphinx as we know it now, weathered, nose broken, but still majestic, standing before a pyramid and the sun setting into a fiery blue sky.

Decorate your couch with throw pillows displaying a collage of vintage Egyptian images, including an ornate mummy sarcophagus, cats, birds, and arrows, and you will let your guests know that you are a sophisticated person with an interest in the mysteries of the past. The rich and colorful mythology of Egypt influenced all of the later religions of the Middle East. Learn more about these myths with our designs showcasing Horus, the spear-carrying god with a man's body and a hawks head, Horuss mother, the goddess Isis, sitting in her throne, and fierce Anubis, a god with a man's body and the head of a jackal.

The present-day culture of Egypt is also fantastic, as seen in our designs, including a mouth-watering image of a plate of falafel served with tabouli and hummus, sexy belly dancers dancing in the street in long dresses, and a man riding a camel along a gorgeous desert beach. Egypt is at the same time exotic but also close to us, like a great-grandfather, so bring it even closer to you with our Egyptian pillows.

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