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Dandelion Pillows

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Here come the sun, the moon and the stars! The humble dandelion is reminiscent of all three celestial bodies; the bright yellow flower is like the vibrant, burning sun, the delicate white globe represents the gentle mysticism of the moon and the airborne seeds are the shining stars! Bring the vibrancy of this magical flower into your life with our custom dandelion pillows, throw pillows and pillow shams. We have realistic photographic images and beautiful illustrations to make all your dandelion décor dreams come true, just make sure you catch our dandelion star when the sun is out and there is no chance of rain. Our dandelion is a sun worshipper extraordinaire, opening as the sun rises and retiring for a good nights sleep as the sun sets. Imagine a field of happy-go-lucky dandelions poking their open blooms towards the bright blue, cotton wool dotted bright blue sky or revel in the beauty of nature as a buzzing bumble bee gathers nectar from a flowers rich yellow center.

Take a trip down memory lane and remember your childhood with our images of dandelion globes. Take a deep breath to find out if your love, truly loves you. If you manage to blow all the seeds off in one go, then that special someone's feelings are deep and true; if some of the seeds fly away then your loves feeling might be definitely maybe; and if no seeds make their journey upwards and onwards, your love is no more.

Choose an image of a little girl wishing on a dandelion globe, a colorful illustration of an alternative dandelion sphere with multicolored seeds flying towards the heavens or a photographic image of a pair of dandelion puffs shedding their seed stars. Send some heart shaped seeds of love with our romantic valentines dandelion globe. Relax in the sunny presence of our dandelion pillows.

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