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Space Pillows

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Whether seen with the naked eye, through a telescope, from a spaceship, or in the imagination, space is beautiful and humbling, so decorate your home with our custom space pillows. Are you a backyard astronomer? Choose pillow cases designed with a black and white picture of trees and a half moon with shooting stars streaking by or the silhouette of a telescope and tripod sitting on a hill beneath a starry sky. If you love science magazines and documentaries, you need our pillow shams featuring a spiraling blue and white galaxy, a red planet with a pair of rings around it, an orange and white spiral galaxy set against a band of stars, an orbiting satellite with the view of Earth behind it, an asteroid hurtling towards the Earth, a scene of the universe showing multiple galaxies and constellations from across space, or incredible blue, purple and orange swirls of space nebulae. Imagine you were in another part of the galaxy, on a planet with a deep red sea, black mountains and a huge moon rising over the horizon.

If you've ever dreamed of going to another planet, then bring a part of those distant terrains into your home with our custom throw pillows showing a red-striped planet with four different colored moons circling it, a glowing blue planet amid a purple sky, or the view from another planet of two moons close by in the sky. Other planets mean other species of life, so pick pillows with a rocket ship flying by an orange planet, a space shuttle heading towards a UFO, a skinny grey alien with long fingers and a huge head, or a futuristic refueling station for spaceships. We also have space pillow designs such as the Earth surrounded by its neighbors including Jupiter, Saturn and Mars, a seamless collage pattern of rocket ships, ringed planets and moons, and a squadron of UFOs descending through the clouds towards Earth.

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