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Rhinoceros Bath Decor

Rhinoceros Shower Curtains

Bath Mats, Towels, - Decorate Your Whole Bathroom!

Rhinos are rare, powerful, temperamental, and intimidating, making them an admired animal around the world. Give your bathroom the thundering force of a rhino with our rhinoceros shower curtains, towels and bath mats. With horns and body armor reminiscent of a dinosaur, as well as their gargantuan size, rhinoceroses make for an impressive sight. Select a set of shower curtains designed with your favorite image of a rhino seen in its gorgeous natives habitat in Africa.

These include a scene of a rhinoceros raising one of its huge front feet and lowering its horns and head as it prepares to charge across a green plain. In this high quality photo image, sprawling trees and the edge of a mountain range are seen behind the mighty beast. If you prefer a simpler color scheme and starker image for your bathroom decor, choose our rhinoceros shower curtains featuring a close up shot of a rhino's head, shoulders and forelegs as it stares across an endless savanna of dry brown grass.

Of course kids are amazed by these massive and bizarre looking creatures as well, so give your kids each a towel displaying a rhinoceros. Your little boy will love a towel with a cartoon rhino engaged in a zany and hilarious act, such as a rhino in black shorts, white shin guards and a white jersey kicking a soccer ball. Another funny rhinoceros towel design shows an illustrated rhino whose skin is painted with black and white zebra stripes.

As colossal and fearsome as they are as adults, even rhinos are cute as youngsters. Your preteen daughter will adore a custom towel or bath mat displaying a baby white rhinoceros grazing in tall green grass as a white bird perches on its shoulders and distant trees sway in the wind.

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