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Rhinoceros Blankets

Rhinos are one of the biggest animals on the face of the Earth, and along with their incredible horns and armor-like bodies, that makes them one of the most fascinating and popular. Our rhinoceros blankets depict these great beasts in photo images taken in the plains of Africa, as well as with illustrations that capture the elusiveness and grouchiness of rhinos. For your family room couch, we have a throw blanket that pictures a massive gray rhinoceros raising one enormous foot as he begins to charge across a lush green field. The background of this rhinoceros blanket pattern shows tall African trees twisting into the rich blue sky.

For a more artistic feel, go for a woven blanket that displays an endangered black rhino roughly painted with dark chocolate brown on a scratched up, mocha brown background. Your son will be amazed by the colossal rhino on his own fleece blanket. Here a rhinoceros that weighs thousands of pounds is seen munching away on his modest lunch of short green grass.

And your daughter will adore a woven blanket that exhibits a photo of a cute baby rhino standing safely beside his powerful and protective mother. We also have rhinoceros blankets that feature friendly animals little kids love to look at and cuddle with. These include a cartoon gray rhino smiling as he bounces along the fleece blanket's white background.

His tiny tail is stuck up into the air, and he has a look of joy in his big black and white cartoon eyes. Create a stampede of rhinos in your home by also ordering our rhinoceros themed wall art and pillows.

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