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1980s Bath Decor

Were you a kid in the 80s, a teenager, or did you experience your college years then? Bring back the style, music, and memories of that legendary decade in your home and even in the bathroom with our 1980s bath decor. If you're really bold and want to make a big statement, then go all out and hang up new custom size shower curtains featuring a design of glistening purple sequins. Celebrate the days when cassette tapes reigned supreme in recorded music with bath mats depicting a yellow and a purple cassette tape on a black background along with a style series of blue, yellow, red, purple and orange semicircles and lines. Or go totally abstract with design displaying groups of brown, tan, blue and white vertical lines that curl into P shapes or abstract trees against a background consisting of splashes of light brown, red, white and turquoise on dark brown.

Then continue the 1980s bath decor with a set of towels featuring a classic 80s boombox with two cassette decks, an equalizer, and a handle or a pair of black headphones fit onto a vinyl record in place of a head. Embrace the early days of simple video games with a scene on your new towel from Space Invaders of a white alien creature descending towards you as you shoot upwards at it. 

Now choose a design of our 1980s bath decor that is abstract combinations of violet, lavender, purple, hot pink and red lines running parallel to each other and curving into a pretzel-like shape against a solid black wall art background or a bent rainbow and cubes colored brown, purple, aqua or blue flung against an off-white background.

Make your bathroom into a sanctuary from the modern world with these 1980s bath decor

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