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Cherry Bath Decor

Cherry red is a beautiful, natural color, and the sight of cherries invokes a sense of both sweetness and tanginess. Our cherry bath decor will bring the delicious joy of fresh cherries into your bathroom. Cherry blossoms are one of the first signs that the long, cold nights of winter are coming to an end, and the sunny, happy days of spring are here. Choose a new set of cherry shower curtains displaying a detailed photo image of a brown branch full of its blossoms.

The white petals, yellow pistils, and hint of pink in the center of the flowers are contrasted to a cracked and weathered wooden background. You can also enjoy cherry shower curtains showing the spring blossom in three stages: as a round, pink bud, a partially blooming flower, and a fully opened blossom. It's blossoms are seen sitting beside four green leaves, with a blue sky behind the cherry tree branch. A cherry blossom wall art will surely add beauty to your bathroom too.

When summer comes, those cherry blossoms will have turned into the juicy, deep red fruit you love to eat, whether as a healthy snack or a source of homemade pies. Decorate your bathroom with a set of cherry towels to capture the essence of this sumptuous treat. Enjoy a vicarious thrill with a towel that depicts the illustrated, shiny red lips of a woman as she places two cherries into her mouth.

We also have custom cherry towels designed with the photos of freshly picked cherries. Cherries are also a symbol of love, because of their blood red color, sleek form and sensuous taste. So add some romance to your bathroom with a bath mat showing two dark cherries pressed closely together while their stems interlock and form a heart shape or a pair of cartoon cherries smiling at each other as they hang from the same stem.

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