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Buffalo Bath Decor

Buffalo are huge, mighty animals, that have been an important part of human life in North America since prehistoric times, and for both Native American culture and colonial settlers. The official name is the American Bison and you can celebrate these amazing creatures with our buffalo bath decor. Choose buffalo shower curtains designed with a photo image of buffalo seen in a majestic vista and you'll feel like you're out there on the open plains with them, with designs such as four buffalo standing together in a field of grass at the edge of a dense forest, two young buffalo shedding their light brown fur as they graze in a green meadow beside dark brown boulders, or a single massive bison with white horns staring straight at you as he stands in a field of tall, dry, golden grass. Buffalo are powerful animals that can turn aggressive and even be deadly to humans when provoked.

Capture the power of these beasts with a custom bath mat depicting a bison charging towards you across a prairie, a herd of buffalo grazing in a valley below snow capped Rocky Mountains, two young buffalo bulls practicing for the mating battles ahead by butting their horns together on a snowy hill, or a shaggy old buffalo making a visit to town as he scavenges for grass beside a dilapidated brick building. You can also honor the role of the buffalo  with buffalo shower curtains, towels or a wall art displaying a buffalo's skull and horns decorated with a traditional blue and yellow zigzag pattern on its forehead and black and white feathers hanging from one of its eyes, or in an illustrated seen that shows the close up of a Native American's face alongside a buffalo, a wolf, a cowboy, a Native American woman on a horse, and a bird.

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