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Dancer Shower Curtains

Dancer Shower Curtains

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Some people are born with dancing in their blood. They illustrate their love with their home decor, adding paintings and pictures that capture dancers in motion. Every room is a blank canvas for these accents, including the bathroom. Dancer shower curtains transform an ordinary bathroom into a work of art.

Hundreds of designs are available for an adult or kids bathroom, making it easy to find the perfect image. Ballet is a traditional form of dance and ballerinas are very elegant creatures. Their fluid movements are captured on dancer shower curtains, making us feel like we are observing a performance.

A photo of ballet shoes on a white or black background is minimalist, yet elegant. Cartoon ballerinas are cute images for a kids bathroom, while the word dance in colorful, graffiti-like lettering is something an older child will like. Girls are not the only ones with a love for dance, as some boys aspire to be male ballerinas or hip-hop dancers.

Images of these role models grace dancer curtains for a boys bathroom. Male-female ballerina couples are perfect images for dancer shower curtains hung in bathrooms shared by a boy and girl. Neither of the children will complain about a bathroom decorated in this way.

Many of the designs are refined and subtle but a flaming image of a ballerina can only be called shocking. You actually need to do a double-take to see all the features of the ballerina outlined by the flames. Dancer bath curtains like these will definitely draw compliments from any guests who use the bathroom.

Abstract dancer shower curtains are perfect for a bathroom featuring modern decor. A contemporary depiction of a dancer holding a blue orb resembling the Earth offers multiple interpretations, but mostly offers a comfortable and relaxing bathroom. Silhouetted dancers in a variety of poses on a white background and modern dancers in amazing positions will even serve as conversation pieces.

NOTE: Camera & Copyright marks will NOT be on actual product. Each Design Can Be Customized!

NOTE: Camera & Copyright marks will NOT be on actual product. Each Design Can Be Customized!