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Urban Bath Decor

Urban Shower Curtains

Bath Mats, Towels, - Decorate Your Whole Bathroom!

Take a cruise down Main Street underneath the glowing neon of Saturday night in the big city with our urban shower curtains and bathroom decor. Paying tribute to all the worlds vast metropolises, these shower curtains, bath mats and towels are like being swept away to New York, LA, Paris or Tokyo. The sights, sounds and excitement of the city are unlike anything to be found in the suburbs or country and draw people to them who crave the urban lifestyle. By decorating your bathroom with our bath and hand towels, your bring the best parts of the concrete jungle right into your home, regardless of what kind of setting lies on the other side of your window.

These shower curtains and bath mats are decorated with the artistic fashions that were born from city streets life like graffiti, pop art, and other grungy or modern styles. Take a glimpse at Manhattan from Brooklyn and see the way it is lit up like an enormous Christmas tree as cars speed by over the gorgeous Brooklyn Bridge. On our bath and hand towels, the lovely Statue of Liberty can be seen set against downtown New York with the sun setting behind her proudly raised shoulder.

A pretty brunette girl poses just for you dressed in hip urban clothes as she sets out to go dancing at the most luxurious urban nightclubs. The excitement is such a rush that the tail lights of cars soon become red and orange blurs that streak into the dark night. Bring all the fun the urban life can offer into every room of your home with bath towels and hand towels that you can take to the beach, gym or anywhere you want to show off your modern style.

Take a hint from the city you live in on how to decorate your new urban apartment, or bring a hip metropolitan feel to your suburban home. Teenagers are entranced by urban life and love to be surrounded by the youthful thrills it brings. You can decorate their entire rooms with our urban themed products like urban bedding, urban window curtains and urban wall art.

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