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Train Bath Decor

Wooo-Wooo! Get ready to hear some whistles with these train shower curtains coming around the bend. Add the comfort of a hot shower to your memories of train travel, clickety-clacketing through the long dark night; corridors empty, cabin doors closed, conductors wandering listlessly through the halls, rolling with the sway of the train, dining car closed and fresh cool air coming in its windows. Stretch an old Indian train across your shower, with its rust brown and black engine, shiny steel claws waiting to shovel Kashmiri snows out of the way. Near and far, let the whistle of trains carry you with them to imagined places while they clickety-clack in your bathroom decor.

Head West to look for gold on an old black locomotive puffing dark gray smoke into the sky. Send huge clouds of silver and white into thin blue air as you cross the dry Rockies. Let it round the bend of California's green-hedged golden hills and pull into the station.

Cross the ocean and board a train chugging through German forests or a bullet streaking through Japanese fields. Put a bright yellow nose on a silver train racing against stripes of lemon and forest. Rise to the future with a bullet train on a custom size bath mat and celebrate the past with a steam locomotive plowing through snow on custom size towels.

Leave the blue and white stripes of a modern commuter train on a silver monorail curving away from the city through its greenbelt. From the past through the present and into the future, ride a custom train from your bathroom to your bedroom and get a train bedding for your room too.

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