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Gorilla Bath Decor

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Who wouldn’t like being compared to gorillas, the powerful, strong, and fiercesome looking animals? If someone calls you a gorilla, take it as a compliment. Each time you step into the bathroom, you will see an animated gorilla, staring intently at you. You can combine the angry gorilla with the growling gorilla.

What about a suave gorilla with the Elvis Presley hair curl? Scare your guests with a tribal tattoo portrayal of a gorilla, created using fiery brown patterns. Do you want a banana? Gorillas do not offer bananas to people, but when they do, you should accept it. If you do not, a growling gorilla with a black coat and sharp teeth will come for you.

If you want realistic portrayals of the animal, you will find loads of them. Some feature a mommy gorilla, holding its young one tightly in its arms where others show a group of gorillas sitting on the grass. Oh, and did you know they sometimes eat tree branches? They have the most beautiful red eyes as well.

Their cubs are cute as buttons, as you can see on one of our bath décor, featuring the cub standing on wooden pole and holding the rope. Another bath décor shows the cub, walking alone in the grass. You will find what you are looking for in our collection of gorilla bath décor, from irate, animated, to expressionless gorillas. If you have a picture of a gorilla, send it to us so we can place it on the bath décor.

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