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Scorpion Bath Decor

Scorpion Shower Curtains

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When the darkness falls, a deadly black scorpion comes out of hiding and creepily starts its search for food. But its deadly looks are still quite evident in the darkness when its skeleton starts to glow. These unusual chemicals inside its skeleton give it this distinct trait, which makes it appear ever more dangerous. Even when it is glowing, it is still able to catch its prey and make it lifeless in one sting. All these characteristics of a scorpion can be clearly seen in our scorpion shower curtains that can be customized with your choice of image as well.

It is not only a scary crawling insect in the desert and jungle, but it is also a zodiac sign which is represented in our horoscope Scorpio zodiac sign shower. Just like its zodiac characteristics, scorpions are manipulative, suspicious, and observant. Our Scorpio zodiac sign vintage shower curtains are ideal for the showers of any one with Scorpio sign.

These deadly creatures have a distinct curled up tail that has a sting at the end. This sting is quite sharp and contains venom that has the ability to paralyze any creature. When the scorpion sees its prey, it quietly gets closer to it and once it is near it, it stings it with its venomous tail and instantly kills it. A fierce scorpion in an aggressive body language can be seen in our scorpion in a fighting stance shower curtain.

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