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British Flag Bath Decor

Try out different colors on the Union Jack and hang them all across your shower. Hang St. Paul's Cathedral or Westminster Abbey behind its transparent veil.

Let it fade and give it some shabby chic. Float it with Big Ben faces in light blue skies. Fly it like a stealth bomber, or wave it from an ivory balcony.

However you choose to portray it, bring the British Flag bath decor and let it rule the waves in your tub. Pair it with Old Glory and fashion an interesting UK with the stripes of both flags. Leave Houses of Parliament silhouetted against its royal blue and imperial red.

Give it a Mary Poppins feel and dangle it on umbrellas in light blue skies. Etch the arches of the London Bridge against its crosses and stripes, or reflect it on the dark river flowing beneath it, across your shower. Make it racy, or set Great Britain against it in a black landmass.

Turn its cross into a sprawling star behind Big Ben in a whimsical gothic grungy mix of imagery in your bathroom. Let your shower rain across it with crayon stripes of red, white, and blue. Whether you choose to make it the highlight of a gleaming London Bridge under cloudy skies in a jolly black and white or reflect it on the surface of an Olympic swimming pool, bring the British Flag to your bathroom décor on Bristish Flag shower curtains.

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