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Come a certain age, teenagers become very interested in trying to form a sense of identity. Whether they are trying to express themselves through colors, styles, or abstract designs, they are most likely to be attracted to the most bright and vibrant images. Many designs of cool bath decor are available to adhere to their growing identities, helping them to show off that they are unique and extraordinary. They make for great decorations in your teen or college student's bathroom.

Many teenage girls are into the idea of showing off their femininity, but also the fact that they are cool and hip. Cool shower curtains with abstract wavy designs are perfect for this type of girl. The wave designs are pink to express her girlishness and love for the color.

However, the abstractness of the design shows off that she is unique and beginning to grow into a style which is more grown-up and concerned with aesthetics. Other girls are all about the colors of the rainbow and timeless floral. She will love a cool shower curtain which shows off a swirling rainbow of colors on a white background.

The design on this piece will surely pop out and be the first thing a visitor notices out of all the decorations. Furthermore, the picture incorporates subtle flower designs to denote the fact that the bathroom belongs to a girl while maintaining a hip and cool feel. Teen boys are still concerned with individuality and standing out, but are attracted to more angular abstract shapes and masculine color palettes.

Cool shower curtains with designs of repeating white squares on a gray background show off unique style with a sense of manliness. A single large, neon green square in the mix of the pattern adds a pop of color, making the design more sophisticated than childish and helps create a unique theme for the room without too much effort. Neutral palettes with a single bold color are great for the decoration schemes of a young adult male's bathroom.

For example, a diamond design with lots of angular lines and symmetry is the perfect abstract design which is not too feminine in appearance. Making this bath shower curtain black and white with red accents will really make the piece stand out and bring the room together without looking like too much thought went into the decor. Some of these teen shower curtains might be appealing to girls and boys alike.

For example, a warped-looking checkerboard design can be considered gender-neutral. Black checkers on a rainbow background add a sense of individuality to the image and definitely imply that this room belongs to a teen or young adult. The fact that the checkers are warped, and therefore bigger and smaller in different spots, gives the room a psychedelic feel.

Cool shower curtains are perfect for making a statement for any young adult because design says a lot about the owner. Teenagers are very into hip and cool designs with lots of colors, and this is a great way to incorporate that. However, girls might be more drawn to swirling, rounded designs while boys may prefer angles and symmetry.

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