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Cool Rugs

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Cool is just that. While being hard to define and even harder to achieve coolness is a style all its own that is the goal of nearly every kid, teen and college student. Defining what makes a style cool is almost impossible to do as it is as varied with age as it is between individuals. What is cool now might not be cool later but just as frequently the styles of old can be brought up to date, redefined and made popular again.

A cool style isn't so much a specific one but is rather like beauty and entirely in the eye of the beholder. Cool rugs from VisionBedding are a great way to add a new sense of style to a room bringing a whole new level of personalization that is definitely cool. A snowboarder in the middle of big air over top a city sky line with helicopters flying in the back ground and snowflakes falling all in tones of cool greens and black and white brings together a unique style of custom rug fit perfectly for the bedroom of any teen that loves to snowboard or wants to add a bit of winter style to a room.

Another cool rug design has heated tones of green and orange over another line of skyscrapers a BMX rider reaches the peak of a high jump amidst droplets of black and white paint for a style any extreme sports fan is sure to want in a unique rug fit just for them. For the outdoor type and beach lovers everywhere there is no better design than that of a surfer atop a wave of white with textured greens and flowing liquid patterns and palm trees bringing together a style of bright colors that brings a bit of the beach home to any bedroom that needs some exciting overtones while a tornado of reds decorates clouds of shapes and patterns forming an action filled personalized rug design that cant be found anywhere else. The over 10 million rug patterns at VisionBedding make for a one of a kind truly unique and very cool customized room.

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