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Cool Backdrops

Searching for  a unique photographer backdrop to make your professional photo sudio out shine your competition.  We have over 250 Cool themed graphics to select from which can spark a truly rare photo shoot.  All of our photo backdrops can be custom size from small as a few feet to very large such as 20 feet tall. Vision Bedding has the capacity to make a huge backdrop for your business or even a set of theatre curtains as well.  We have mutliple backdrop fabrics to serve a wide range of projects from outdoor use to full sun block out, to protect from the sun.

Put cool ribbons of color snaking across black and lilac skies on a custom photographer backdrop. Leave white cubes spiraling across a bright lime picture frame in black space. Pop some cool olives and turquoise into gray and black grunge. Let light ripple and flow across pink and purple.

Swirl uneven oblongs of bright neon color into an optical illusion. Stack cubes of pink, purple, orange and gold in an unsteady block of disco energy. Let jade ooze and flow in ridged plasma on a cool green custom photo backdrop.

From dots of blues and greens on a peach and silver background to flowers in oceanic teal seas, these cool backdrops leave you with a refreshing option in your studio. Leave liquid jade joined in rings. Let colors swirl together in a tight embrace at the center.

Weave scarves of bright color together or put splotches of bright color on a cool backdrop for fight club action. Loop bright bands of color in silver skies or free butterflies in blues, greens, golds, oranges and pinks. Circle fruity colors into lollipops and stream colors in a cross with a bright white light at its center.

Leave black and white Chinese pictographs behind an inscrutable subject or word collages behind hard rockers. Float chocolate through golf ball fabric of pink and red. From glass spikes of blown glass against hot orange to floral drains of jade and steely blue, these cool backdrops put cool imagery in your shots with unique designs.

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