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Turtle Bath Decor

Most people can pick at least one favorite animal, and for those who are into sea life, it is fairly obvious which is most unique. Sporting a hard outer shell and sometimes with life spans outlasting those of humans, turtles are as cute as they are fascinating. Turtle shower curtains are great additions to the bathrooms of marine biologists, beachgoers, children, and everyone in between! It is almost too easy to make these creatures into adorable, big-eyed cartoon characters. With their trademark shells and the ability to retract and expand their necks to expose their faces, cartoon turtle shower curtains are almost too cute to pass up.

They are a great way to incorporate a sea theme into the bathroom of any child, and he or she will love seeing these friendly faces each day. Their cute shells make it easy to step outside the box and get creative and colorful with the designs. For example, some of these shower curtains for kids depict other versions of chelonian characters that are rocking multicolored shells.

Fading from purple to green and with fun designs, these are cute for a kid's bathroom, but the funky colors will make the kids feel much more cool than any traditional picture could. Even in real life, though, our shelled friends are interesting sights to see. Traditional bathroom shower curtains can be made interesting when adorned with a photograph of a giant sea turtle skimming the ocean floor.

In a landscape of white sand and clear-blue water, this photograph is both aesthetically appealing and fascinating -- who knew turtles could get that big? There is a more sophisticated approach for, perhaps, a beach-themed bathroom as well. One design of turtle shower curtains shows off the creature as a painting on a stamp. Addressed to Vietnam, the design is a bit artsy and extremely classy for those who do not want to be straightforward with their sea themes.

This design also encompasses a more brown color scheme as opposed to the blue that is so popular among oceanic shower curtain designs. Turtle shower curtains prove that there are many different artistic approaches to representing our shelled friend. Apparently, it is really easy to make this guy into a cute cartoon character for the bathroom of a child.

However, photographic images and painting interpretations of the animal are a bit more sophisticated and appropriate for the upscale and classy oceanic or beach home. Display turtles on other part of your home with turtle themed window drapes.

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