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Greek Bath Decor

Turn you bathroom into a museum that showcases the ancient triumphs of Greece with our Greek bath decor. Create a clean and fresh atmosphere with your bathroom walls that display photos of the famous Greek blues seas and sky. And make your bathroom into the most beautiful room in your house with images of Greece's influential art and legendary buildings. Any great bath decor starts with shower curtains, and we have ones that picture a horizontal viewpoint of a colossal ridge of white rock jutting into the vibrant blue sea at Navagio Beach.

This wide angle photo lets you see water crashing onto the shore, green trees growing on rocky plateaus, a distant horizon, and puffy white clouds rolling through a bright blue sky. Then add a bath mat that will inspire epiphanies as you brush your teeth. These bath mats feature the precisely drawn illustrations of three ancient Greek philosophers raising their bearded chins proudly as they debate their theories.

The trio of philosophers are dressed in classic togas colored black or white, and are pictured atop a stage. The third essential aspect of our Greek bath decor is towels that exhibit history itself. Choose hand towels that are designed with a photograph of the last few surviving columns from the Temple of Apollo.

Pair that with a bath towel and rugs that depicts the greatest structure in Greece as seen in a wide angle shot at night. The Parthenon is illuminated by the light of a nearly full moon on these towels. Other iconic images to add to your Greek bath decor include the winged horse Pegasus illustrated five times in white as it soars over a navy blue background, as well as a drawing of the god Hermes in his winged helmet.

Carry the glory of Greece into your family room with Greek pillows and window curtains.

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