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Greek Rugs

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Walk through your home in the footsteps of history by decorating our Greek rugs. These rugs picture photos taken of the most famous and influential buildings of ancient Greece, as well as classical Greek art and armor, and the gorgeous coastlines of this seaside country. Whether your passion is sculpture, politics or food, our Greek themed rugs portray images that will astound you. Spread a panoramic view of mind-boggling beauty across your living room floor by choosing an area rug that displays a photo of the sheer white cliffs of Navagio Beach in the Greek Ionian Islands.

These massive cliffs are topped with lush green trees as they jut out into the sparkling turquoise water. Enjoy the sight of Hellenistic art in your foyer with a carpet rug that showcases a photo of a bust of the Greek goddess Diana. Then of course it's time to choose a floor mat that exhibits a vista of one of Greece's legendary ruins.

These include shots of the mighty columns of the Parthenon set against a clear blue afternoon sky in sunny Athens. Reward your son's interest in archeology and history with a carpet rug that shows a Spartan battle helmet in a museum. Demonstrate how the ancient Greeks prized perfection even on the smallest scales with a Greek rug designed with a vase.

This bronze vase is decorated with a scene of a racing charioteer painted in black. We also have Greek rugs that display a wide angle photo of a coastal town set beneath a soft pink, orange, violet and blue sunset. The city of Santorini is pictured atop its high plateau, with old, pastel colored homes and buildings set closely together above the sea.

Turn your house into the Acropolis by bringing the wonders of Greece into your home with Greek wall murals and blankets.

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