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Preppy Rugs

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Call it upper-crust, call it classy, call it whatever you like, but bring its distinctive style to your decor with custom of course preppy rugs. Put the green, green grass of home in a preppy two-toned plaid topped with bright white stitching. Step onto cubes of dark and milky chocolate drizzled with raspberry. Let raspberry steal the show, mix it with pinks, top it with white dots of icing.

Or walk on a black-netted soccer field of sages and thymes. Whichever colors you want for your decor, give them a preppy edge with custom rugs. Put the classic look of Argyle under your feet in leaf and forest greens or bright diamonds of color on a navy throw rug.

Kick your shoes off on a pair of soft leather loafers. Throw down a goal with a black-starred ball on a checkerboard floor. Slip your feet into brown leather half-boots, or dangle your toes in the fountains at Versailles.

Put the classic marble statues of the worlds most memorable gardens on a custom size area rug. Add a timeless look of love to your decor with a couple sculpted in marble on a custom preppy round rug. Cool your heels on white diamonds of ice against aqua, turquoise, sky blue.

Heat up a den with a cherry red plaid, or drop a few plump cherries on a throw rug of pinks. Put some calming grays and whites with a smear of grey-poupon mustard on a preppy Argyle area rug. Leave a golden medallion to shine in the hallway sun.

Give your floors a colorful upper crust with custom preppy rugs.

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