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Funky Rugs

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If you are in college or simply a young adult looking to redecorate a bedroom, chances are, you do not take the design scheme all that seriously. It is likely that a pop of color and some contemporary style is sought, and that this is not likely a theme of decor that is meant to be used for several decades to come. Therefore, decorating a room is something that should be fun! Using funky rugs in a college home or teen bedroom is a great way to show off some personality. Let's face it, there is usually one thing on the mind of teen and college-aged boys: girls.

It is nearly impossible to walk into a boy's college dorm room without seeing a poster or calendar depicting female models, there is no denying that fact. There are funky rugs which adhere to this inevitable theme, lucky for them! One example is an abstract black-and-white image with swirling designs fronted by the silhouettes of a few curvy women. It may not suit the tastes of their girlfriends, but boys will love it.

College is around the time where boys are approaching the legal drinking age, so when girls are not on their minds, beer is. Modern rugs can depict a collage of words in different colors, fonts, and sizes to make for a cool print and add a bit of color to the room. One design option is a collection of beer-related terms: draught, yeast, alcohol, ABV, brewing, and so on.

Whether he likes to brew his own or just to drink it, it is likely that a college student will find these funky rugs appropriate. For girls, retro designs are actually becoming very contemporary again. It is totally in style at the moment to have some vintage undertones in the theme of the home or room.

There are funky rugs that adhere to this fashion statement; for example, one shows a graphic-image lineup of different colored soda bottles against a brown background -- very 70's! The carbonation makes for some cute bubbles inside the bottles and swirling out their tops. To go along with the vintage theme as well as the college-student love for dance parties, area rugs which show off mirrored disco balls are sure to be a hit! They will bring a taste of the 60's to any room and put everyone in the mood to dance during a party. The millions of mirrors on the image also simply make these designs fun to look at, and such a unique design is perfect for people of this age who just want to have fun.

Artsy boys and girls will love the seemingly random and haphazard images on contemporary rugs of various letters which appear to be cut out of magazines. The muted color palette, juxtaposition of the sizes and fonts of the letters and the randomness of the concept in general is in perfect adherence with artistic tastes. Not only that, but this rug will stand out in any room and will contribute to the wide variety of colors likely to be present in the room.

When teens hit a certain age or kids go away to college, individuality and fun are the two things they consider when decorating their space. They need something that will make for a conversation piece, as they will constantly be making new friends and entertaining guests. Therefore, they need funky rugs which show off a bit of their style and personality, but also simply bring a sense of fun to the atmosphere.

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