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Fantasy Rugs

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Walk and dream with fantasy rugs. Step onto a snowy moon field with earth hung in the starry space around it on anarea rug. Walk the ridges of emerald peaks to an aqua sea beyond them on an outer space carpet rug. Let the milky way swirl some chocolate onto a round rug’s pastel light from billions of stars twinkling in space. Drift onto alien rugs and step on an unfeeling hand of brassy circuitry. Put a ray-gun toter on a cute rug.

Move on to “monsters” and turn them into playful pals in your fantasies. Put dancing dragons and cheerful lizards on round rugs. Let a little swimmer dive for sunken treasure on a fantasy carpet rug, guarded by a purple octopus and a monstrous manta ray. Leave just the golden eyes of a black cat on a really spooky monster themed rug. If your fantasy involves fear, let some dinosaurs walk across your floors. Let the tail of a Seismosaurus whip around the room on a dinosaur area rug. Put a skull or the snarl of a T-Rex on a round rug.

From the movies to their superheroes, bring your fantasies to the light of day with designs from this well-organized collection of themed rugs.

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