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Mermaid Rugs

Whether old your young, everyone's favorite nautical legends revolve around the beautiful nymphs of the sea, the mermaids. Our custom size mermaid rugs are the perfect addition to your home when you want to add a bit of dreamy fantasy to any room. These carpet rugs show off the majesty of mermaid legends from the ancient folklore to Disney's incredible popular The Little Mermaid. They originally captured the hearts of lonely sailors who spent months on the rugged ocean, giving them a spark of inspiration and warmth in their heart.

Today they capture the imaginations of young girls who dream about having their own underwater kingdom and the ability the freely swim about in beautiful free waters. Our vibrant floor mats and area rugs show all kinds of fun mermaid images and illustrations. One blue-haired mermaid sits on a peaceful rock and gazes up intently at a full silvery moon, dreaming of her prince charming.

Another mermaid grasps his hand as he rows along in a small wooden boat above her underwater palace. We can even have an intimate view of this aquatic paradise and its castle that is surrounded by colorful tropical fish. Some of these gorgeous mermaid characters are shown detailed and lifelike while others are playful and drawn in a cartoon fashion to intrigue even the youngest mermaid fans.

The magic of mermaids is sure to fascinate young girls of any age. Give them a mermaid themed bedroom by matching our carpet and area rugs with our mermaid bedding and pillows. They're sure to love the walls when decorated with our mermaid themed wall murals and wall art.

We can even personalize these products with a custom text message just for their bright young eyes. Keeping imaginations afloat is important in the development of young children and nothing inspires dreams more than the beauty of mermaid.

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