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Mermaid Backdrops

Do you have a goal for a special photo backdrop to make your professional portrait studio out shine your competition.  We carry over 450 Mermaid themed styles to select from which can generate a truly unique photo shoot.  Everyone of our photographer backdrops can be custom size from just a few feet to very large such as 20 feet tall. Vision Bedding has the capability to create a massive backdrop for your store or even a set of theatre curtains as well.  We have a variety of backdrop materials to serve a multitude of desires from outdoor use to full black out fabric, to shield from the sun.

Display the magic of your favorite fantasy with our dazzling mermaid backdrops. Our custom size photo backdrops with mermaid imagery are the perfect way to bring this wonderful myth to life. The ancient legend of the mermaids has enticed us since lonely sailors first saw her shimmering tail floating through the waters after long and difficult voyages. She is portrayed as a benevolent friend who is eager to escape the loneliness of her under sea life.

Since Disney's animated success, The Little Mermaid, these precious aquatic ladies have become the favorite of young girls and teenagers with a sense of romance and adventure. Our portable photographer backdrops are covered with an eclectic array of beautiful mermaid themed imagery that is sure to capture your imagination. All the classic images of mermaids are here, along with a few spectacular illustrations and designs you've never seen before.

Radiance blues and greens create an underwater dreamscape and show the enchanting point of view of a young beautiful mermaid. They swim through the water surrounded by lovely fish and sea life that obviously enjoys their magical company as much as we do. Another mermaid sits on a wave-swept rock and calmly ponders the full silver moon that lights up the sapphire waters around her.

Our portable photo backdrops also show the mysterious underwater castles that house these wondrous mermaids with their neon colored spires and shimmering rainbow auras. These vibrant photographer backdrops make the perfect addition to your studio, party or other event. Personalize your brand new mermaid backdrop with custom text messages to give your portraits and photo shoots an absolutely unique feel.

They are easily matched with our other mermaid themed products including mermaid wall murals and wall art, and mermaid themed fabric. All of our mermaid themed products are just right for young girls and teenagers, whether for fun party decorations or permanent fixtures that are sure to delight them for years to come.

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