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Rock Rugs

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You can use Vision Bedding’s rock rugs to complement an existing theme, create an entirely new one, or for whatever purpose you see fit. Look at the marbled technique rugs with green and brown etchings or the marble rug with an image of different marble designs, divided into several squares.

You may also like marble rug, featuring strands of marble entwined with each other. The stone texture marble texture band rug displays stones formed in the design of steps. The agate rose rugs on a white background with a black border rug displays a close-up shot of the stone. The blue geode rug shows a rock with white and blue markings.

The amethyst crystal stone rug features tiny, purple stones clustered together. The many colorful natural labradorite gemstones rug represents a diverse collection of stones with colorful patterns and different sizes. The Golden Pyrite mineral rug features an image of gold and shiny stones on the surface. The blue agate background provides you with an upward view of the design, showing circular blue spirals.

The detail of amethyst rug displays a blown up image of a purple amethyst stone. In the image, you can make out all the intricate details of the stone such as the points, curves, and the difference in color in some parts. The pyrite mineral stone rug depicts a sparkly black rug. The Zen stones rug illustrates a calming environment with the help of smooth, black stones stacked on top of one and other and bamboos situated in a forest.

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