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Rock Backdrops

Millions of designs- Personalized just for you!  Custom sizes available.

Over 200  Rock Custom Size Photographer Backdrops to choose from which can make a really unique photo shot.

Rock backdrops can make stunning settings for pictures due to their lovely colors and shapes. At Vision Bedding, we can provide photographers with several rock backdrops. The arches backdrop shows how nature took its course to construct arches made out of rocks. The Zen stones backdrop depicts a peaceful setting with smooth and shiny rocks stacked on top of each other on a green background with bamboo and leaves growing from under the rocks.

The marble backdrop looks like spider webs stringed together, but a closer inspection reveals a web-like marble structure. The set of blue sapphires backdrop displays a group of blue stones lying on the ground. In our agate rock backdrop category, we have four for you to choose from, the blue agate background, the purple agate, the dark blue agate, the agate rose, and the slice of blue agate crystal backdrops.

The sunset at Grand Canyon backdrop represents a sunset setting in the horizon of the tourist place. The Bryce Hoodoos backdrop in Utah backdrop received its name from the odd shaped rocks designed like a chimney. From the picture, you can see the name reflect the shapes of the structures.

The marble backdrop is a collection of different marble designs divided into several squares. The marble paper technique is another marble backdrop, featuring a close-up shot of the patterns in the stone. The delicate arch backdrop depicts a stunning sunset setting over the arches. The Pikes Peak backdrop is taken from inside the rock structure with an opening, showing the cloudy, blue sky.

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