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Anime Rugs

Your kids already have anime toys, videos, magazines and games, but now they can even have anime rugs. Choose are rugs that feature the type of anime characters and themes your teens love the most, whether it's sultry girls, innocent fairies, emotional expressions, sweet romance, seasonal scenes or courageous adventurers. Make your son feel like a stud with a custom size anime rug that pictures two cute girls holding a big white poster that shows his name or photo and an anime wall poster for his bedroom. One girl is peeking over the poster with her big brown eyes partly hidden by her bright green hair. The other girl in these anime rugs has spiky blue hair and a cute outfit consisting of a pink tank top and blue jean shorts. 

Younger boys are crazy about our floor mats that have a pair of futuristic warriors dressed in wildly colored, blue, neon green, violet and red body armor. Select anime rugs that let your daughter blissfully imagine her future wedding. Here a lovely anime girl is shown in a white wedding dress, as her short brown hair falls over her big, anxious eyes. 

Teenage girls love to hang on to the innocence of childhood with anime rugs that show a kind and beautiful fairy in a white gown. She has light blond hair in a pixie cut and transparent butterfly wings that are spread out against a black night sky.

Your kids will be excited to embrace the Japanese origins of their favorite style of animation with a rug that picture three little Japanese dolls drawn over a pink heart and the word Tokyo. There are also two Japanese characters, and a background composed of pink and white polka dots set on blue. 

Beautify their floors and let them enjoy the sight of these rugs!

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