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Dorm Rugs

Dorm Rugs

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College is one of the most enjoyable times in life while also being one of the most stressful. For students away from home for the first time adjusting to a lifestyle of freedom,college can be the most fun they have ever had while also being the most difficult to adjust to while working hard on their term papers. And for the student trying to concentrate on their studies or express themselves with style a dorm room isn’t any help. Due to their cramped confines and standard layouts dorm rooms don’t make it easy for college students. A custom dorm rug from VisionBedding can be a big help bringing a unique sense of style to any dorm room.

For the student a long way from a country home who is going to school in the city a unique wildlife rug is just what is needed to bring back the feel of the wide open spaces of home and help them adjust to life in the dorms. For the soldier just out of boot camp and now in officer’s school a military or jet fighter rug showing a tank or F-18 fighter gives them a way to show off their pride in their country and dedication to duty.

If its style their seeking to add a more personal touch to an impersonal dorm room a muscle car rug with their favorite fast car makes for a great addition to his college dorm making it a much more fun place to live and study. For the student on a sports scholarship a unique sports rug of their favorite game is sure to add some excitement to the room while a colorful striped rug is perfect a for a college girl looking to brighten up the drab confines of the dorms. All VisionBedding designs can be turned into any of the products offered.

A series of stripes in the rainbow colors of running paint will be a big hit for any art student bringing style and inspiration to their dorm while a digital feedback setting for a pair of high tech headphones set in cool blue undertones adds up to a personalized custom dorm rug not found anywhere else. Using ones imagination nearly any unique rug can be created using allowing the college student to make his or her dorm room truly their very own personalized space showing off ones unique style.

Throw down hip hop on a custom dorm rug and feel its energy start in your toes. Drop a heel on a BMX round rug. Do a pirouette on a ballet carpet rug. Whatever you connect with is here in this great collection of custom size dorm rugs. Whether you want to walk on the wild side with some animal print or have the whole beast gazing up at you, these custom designs let you zero in on first the theme you have in mind and then the exact rug to the exact size that you want. Throw down your personality on a dorm rug.

Maybe you want some leopard spots to go with the zebra stripes that are already running across your dorm bed on a custom blanket; or maybe you want to leave a cheetah at the door, looking like a guard cat ready to pounce on command. Maybe peacocks and rain forests are more your thing. Or maybe you’re content to leave the animal kingdom in the Great Outdoors and walk on golden tropical sands or white beaches with shapely seashells instead. Maybe you think no one will notice the floor if you camouflage it with a carpet rug. Or maybe you want to leave the bright green of a silhouetted lizard clinging to the underside of a dewy leaf at your feet. Whether you want to bring the magic of fantasy to your dorm room on a custom size area rug or honor the military with a round rug at its center, this collection of dorm rugs is sure to offer you the design you’re looking for.

NOTE: Camera & Copyright marks will NOT be on actual product. Each Design Can Be Customized!

NOTE: Camera & Copyright marks will NOT be on actual product. Each Design Can Be Customized!