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Chevron Rugs

Add colorful and dazzling designs to your floors with VisionBedding's chevron rugs.  Our chevron styles vary to fit any individual taste: some are thin and bent at steep angles, while other chevron designs have serrated lines to give even more movement and depth to the pattern. Look at a blend of rainbow colors on an area rug that sets dark beside light.  Try V's rent with scratch marks, providing an earthy and edgy appeal.  We have color spectrums across the board so you can find the chevron color combination that best fits your zigzag style.

And if our chevron designs and colors aren't emblematic enough for you, then why not design your own?  Try out VisionBedding's full personalization and customization options to create a chevron as personal as your family crest.  Try and raise the luminance of your rug for colors as elevated as the heat on a summer day.  Try for a rug that conveys the chessboard when you drop the hues for black and white moodiness.  Layer a military-themed message of your devising over hunter green and black camouflage chevron.  Even add a picture or illustration of your own to evolve the style past simple chevron pattern into something new and whimsical. 

We offer a selection of rug styles that you can unite under the shared image of the chevron.  Try a round rug in retro-70s orange and red, or go with an area rug of red, white, and blue if you're feeling patriotic.  Why not go with a custom size rug that features a hand-drawn pattern for a zany yet chic vibe?  Our plush rugs are great with an eclectic color pattern which can give off a wild look.  And don't slip all over, try out a floor mat of grey and black to remind yourself of the solid ground.

Rugs can tie a room together, and the simple lines of chevron are perfect to create a theme throughout your home. The chevron pattern can simultaneously become whimsical and elevated, tailored and spontaneous, depending on how you use it in a room. Brighten up the foyer with a combination of neon or spring colors zigzagging atop the linoleum on a custom floor mat. Select rugs for the family room and bedrooms that display the motion and vitality of chevron that will leave your friends and family impressed. Convey a sense of abstract water and waves with a chevron custom sized window curtains styled in four shades of blue, from pale to dark.  There is no limitation to how you use this simple and versatile design building block, so use your imagination for a chevron theme in any room

Chevron rugs are perfect for the parent who wants to instill a sense of honor and dignity, along with style, into their child's life.  Your teenage son will love the futuristic and exciting style of an area rug colored in neon green. Every shade of these narrow chevron bands are glowing, and the change in darkness and width creates a 3D sensation.  For your daughter, we have an area rug that features chevron formed from rich pink, pale lavender, and salmon. Each zigzag is outlined with thin white lines to provide definition.  VisionBedding's chevron rugs are as personal as they are timeless.  Let your children embrace these feelings in a pattern that conveys both.

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