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Dorm Backdrops

When taking photos at a college campus, you need to consider backdrops that are suitable for the interests that college students have. We have dorm backdrops that come with patterns that fit in well with the things that today’s college kids are thrilled about and love to see.

We sell dorm backdrops that feature images of different intense and extreme features. These include shots of extreme sports athletes and some powerful cars including not only classic models but also some more modern ones. Off-road vehicles like ATVs are available in our series of dorm backdrops too.

We have animal backdrops to choose from as well. These include a mix of not only shots of animals in the wild but also some animal print designs with cheetah spots and zebra stripes among other features.

Some traditional patterns are available for you to choose from. You can order dorm backdrops with argyle colors and chevron lines which can be displayed anywhere. You can even order a customized option that allows these colors and lines to match up with a school's team colors and get a matching one for your floor mats too.

Finally, we have some sports backdrops that are perfect for when you are looking to take photos of college sports team athletes. These feature shots of sports balls and equipment as they are in action and even flying all around the place.


Expand your business’ portfolio and make it different from the competition by having unique backdrop styles like a VisionBedding.com dorm backdrop. Customers will keep booking your studio for photo shoots. Choose your backdrop from more than 850 dorm images from our gallery.

Purchasing a high quality dorm background is crucial for every professional studio because the backdrop helps create the feeling and brings creativity to the finished products. In addition to the art of producing stylish photos, clients will be coming back to you because of the uniqueness of your studio’s pictures. VisionBedding’s backdrops are made of fabric so they are transportable, easily stored, and can be cleaned when necessary. Anyone can move your backdrop to the location you will be at as it is light. We also offer background hanging rods with storage cases.

At Vision Bedding, you can create custom dorm backdrops and get specifically what you or your clients want. Let’s say you own a larger photography studio and see a large group of clients daily. If that's the case, you might want to get a larger backdrop to fit everybody. Our customization option gives you the ability to select accurately the measurements that you want. Select between a pole pocket or grommets for displaying your backdrop. If you are unable to find the dorm themed backdrop that you are looking for, let Vision Bedding help you make one. You can personalize your backdrop by adjusting colors, repeating patterns or adding text. If you need a rare backdrop, select your favorite photo and let us create a specifically made product your models won’t stop raving about.

For an effective look that can shift with the different months, your photography customer, or maybe your feelings, you’ll find an excellent asset in a custom ordered VisionBedding.com dorm background. Have some in your picture business to have for clients’ unique styles and needs. Show the backgrounds from an unused wall to create some dorm feeling in your office, or if you absolutely want to be unique, make an irresistible dorm picture spot for relatives and friends at your next event.

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