Dorm Window Curtains

Keep a theme going or display a new interest on your dorm room window curtains. Add some jazz to the musical mix that’s playing in your dorm, with spotlights on a four piece combo in sapphire curtains. Give a nod to trendy fashion with stripes of color flowing in the breeze. Drape the room with rivers of muted colors streaming into a very cool whirlpool and a bright twist of lime. Dance with some stars in the silhouetted synchrony of a red and black tango on custom dorm window curtains.

Ride teal skies in a crouch on a skateboard and put some very cool urban energy in the room. End the day with a golden peach and rosy glow behind a family of elephants heading home in an African sunset on custom size drapes. Wake to the sun behind golden skies and a chocolate landscape. Let dragonflies hover at your windows with a rainbow of color. Bring a pair of dinosaurs to life on a mountainous island shrouded in mist. From the prehistoric to the future with space imagery, these themed galleries at VisionBedding offer literally millions of unique designs from which to choose the perfect window curtains for your dorm room.  Hang with a few aliens, dangling like pastel jellyfish at your windows or thin gaunt skeletons with gaping black holes for eyes. Whether you’re matching a theme and style that are already in the room or mixing them with your rugs, wall decor or shower curtains, find your perfect dorm room curtains among these custom designs.

Curtains can be impactful on your decorating aesthetic. It can either be out of place or blend well with your personalized design. Buying the best option that will be put on your windows will be your home’s finishing touch. Have windows of all sizes? That's ok, we can alter its size to perfectly fit your window. VisionBedding offers over 400 dorm designs to pick from, sporting different images, designs and styles for your kitchen’s decor.

Picking new dorm curtains isn’t as simple as it could be. There are things to assess before purchasing. Foremost, the whereabouts of the window and if it receives direct natural lighting should be thought about. If yes, then you should know lighter shades let more light in versus darker drapes, which stop sunlight from coming in. Are you working them into your dorm themed living room or family room? Get brighter colored or thinner window curtains to allow sunlight into the area. If you want to use them in your room, use darker or blackout window drapes to block any sunlight in your room. Next, asses the height of the window and how long you need the curtains to be? Do you want them just below the sill or closer to the carpet? Pre made drapes, which cost less in the short run, may not be comparable to the high standards of VisionBedding’s drapes. We offer high quality, personally made curtains for a fantastic value. Invest in a great window curtain so it is sure to last for years.

The best part of’s window curtains are the countless ways you are able to custom make them. One invaluable option is customizing the size of your curtains to fit perfectly to any window. We also have blackout window drapes, so everyone who wish to sleep into the evening can get the ideal personally designed drapes to put the finishing touches on your dorm themed room. If you don’t see anything that suits your fancy in our stockpile of designs you are able to upload your own photographs that can be dyed straight into the drapes fabric. These curtains also come with the option of picking one panel or two separate panels.

Your drapes can be the highlight or be an eyesore to your design. Make sure to select a particular design to mesh with your room. Drapes are like the jewelry to your room’s outfit. Present your personality with your personalized dorm window drapes and your visitors are sure to notice your creativity.

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