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Patriotic Window Curtains

Show that you and your family love the USA by hanging up our patriotic window curtains throughout your home and office. Which of the many American icons best signifies the patriotic spirit in you? If you're a history buff, how about window curtains that showcase the basis for the republic, the US Constitution, displayed in your office? Combine this crucial document with another important American symbol, the bald Eagle, on a custom window curtain design. A photograph of a proud bald eagles fiery yellow eye, powerful beak and strong shoulders is shown superimposed on these window curtains over We the People and the rest of the US Constitution. If you want to honor the tradition of freedom in the USA, choose patriotic window curtains for your bedroom that show the Statue of Liberty welcoming in immigrants from around the world as she stands tall atop Ellis Island.

This window curtain design features a swath of the red, white and blue starts and stripes of the American flag as its background. Give your kids a set of custom size window curtains that will spark their interest in American patriotism. Fireworks are a great way to get a kids attention and capture their imagination, so choose patriotic window curtains for your son that show red, white and blue fireworks bursting in the black night sky around an American flag on the 4th of July.

Then give your daughter window curtains that are decorated with an American flag formed into the shape of a heart and set on a pure white background. Finally, select a set of living room drapes that will unite the entire family around a patriotic theme. These include drapes that exhibit a map of the United States of America, including Alaska and Hawaii, colored in with the pattern of the US flag.

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