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Travel Backdrops

Millions of designs- Personalized just for you!  Custom sizes available.

Over 200  Travel Custom Size Photographer Backdrops to choose from which can make a really unique photo shot.

Our adventurous travel backgrounds are your ticket to the most beautiful and enchanting places the world has to offer. The incredible diversity of natural wonder and bustling metropolises sometimes feels like true fantasy. It opens itself up for you as a perfect tool for photo shoots and portraits with our eclectic collection of portable photographer backdrops. Why fly halfway around the globe when ancient monuments and modern cities lay waiting in your studio, ready to be the perfect accompaniment for your photographic needs.

Sometimes these images look so detailed, lifelike and stunning that it is hard to believe such places actually exist just a plane flight away. Get ready for the exotic and all the excitement of a new land. Drop anchor beside a golden Thai beach and sit in the shade of a curling palm tree ripe with heavy coconuts.

The crystal clear water gently laps against the fine sand making this a breathtaking setting for your next photo set. Drift down the Seine in Paris while you get a fine view of the Eiffel Tour as a bright sun starts to set on a sapphire blue sky. Above your view scarlet flowers hang from thick green foliage overhead.

Our photo backdrops show beautiful highway views that scream adventure, whether through Utah's Monument Valley or under Italy's bronze Tuscan sun. Other travel themed images can be found on our portable photographer backdrops like compasses, maps and jet airliners. These indispensable tools are like having a private tour guide to the worlds most fabulous destinations.

Use them for school dances, parties, portraits and all kinds of studio work that could use a bit of an adventurous feel. Matching decorations or accessories can be made with our custom size travel fabric or our travel wall murals. Young children or teenagers would love to be placed in front of Chitzen Itza or Rome's Coliseum at their graduation party or prom night.

The real life fantasy comes to life, making your pictures as unforgettable as the worlds many gems.

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