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Weather Rugs

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One thing that never ceases to amaze is the fickle nature of Earth and its atmosphere. From clear skies to rainbows, the conditions of the outdoors are always a surprise and, even better, fascinating to look at. That is why weather rugs with images of the Earth in its most fascinating conditions are great as a piece of art for any room as well as a conversation piece. When combined with the general natural beauty of the outdoors, the climate is particularly beautiful.

One design of these weather rugs that is sure to please represents a gray, stormy sky over the ocean. It depicts how the changes in climate affect the tides, and the agitated whitecaps of the surf are both beautiful to look at and intimidating. With a muted gray color scheme, this is great for any room.

Storm chasers and outdoor enthusiasts alike are fascinated by powerful and overwhelming storms. Though they are potentially destructive, there is no denying the amazing visual of the clouds, the rain, and the lightning that come with storms. There are area rugs available which depict a yellow sign saying Storm Warning against a gray, stormy sky which are perfect for this type of enthusiast.

As stated before, sometimes the images of a storm are incredibly amazing. Lightning rods connect the ground and sky in fascinating shapes and colors as the gray and white clouds create an amazing backdrop. Weather rugs which show off a green landscape darkened by a stormy sky and being struck in various locations by lightening are both beautiful and frightening -- they make for a great piece for conversation.

Sunny skies can be just as beautiful as storm clouds, however. In a child's room or merely a living area with lots of color, a drawing of rolling green landscapes brightened by a large, glowing sun will be colorful and appropriate. These nature rugs pay homage to blue skies with white fluffy clouds so the home can be filled with sunshine no matter how rainy it may be outdoors.

Weather rugs are great as general decoration pieces or in the homes of Earth or climate enthusiasts. Storm chasers will love having images of amazing gray clouds, rain, and lightning in their homes at all times, but these are sure to strike up a conversation among people with any interests. Do not forget to give an ode to the sunny sky, though, by choosing a bright and colorful sun-shiny landscape for your floor.

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