Gothic Rugs

Worlds biggest selection of Gothic designed home rugs. Every graphic can be made into a specific size, or rug format such as a plush area rug.

Ever since it emerged from the London punk scene in the 1980s, gothic culture and fashion has been working its way into the mainstream, so much so that gothic decor has made it into many common designs. Our gothic area rugs exude the attitude that underscores the many strains within the subculture, from dark and ethereal art pieces to more cartoonish designs that add a tongue-in-cheek element to macabre imagery. The designs you'll see here incorporate some of the most eclectic gothic art styles and photographic art featuring the clothes, makeup and settings that make the goth lifestyle what it is. Do you find something enchanting about the darker side of life? Is there not something alluring and even beautiful in death, the flip-side of the coin of life? This is the essence of the death rock, punk and Victorian styles that feature in our gothic rug designs.

You'll see dark angel rugs, with dark fairies and fallen angels. The grim reaper features heavily on many gothic themed rugs as well, lurking in moonlit graveyards and creeping with spiders. Not all of our goth area rugs are quite so serious. And you can complete your room with our goth themed bedding as well.

There is some irony to be had in poking fun at the very serious, almost fanatical devotion to death and decay in some of the art and imagery of the goth scene, and some of our cheekier rug designs strike playfully at the heart of that. All of our gothic floor coverings aim to bring a little bit of darkness, of the occult, of the shaded underground that most people shy away from, and put that look and feel into your bedroom walls.

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