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Bicycle Rugs

Let that feeling of freedom start in your toes with bicycle rugs under your feet. Blaze a trail with a dirt bike carpet rug. Suck up the big air of BMX jumps on custom size area rugs. Whether your idea of cycling is a romantic sunset spin or a blur of scenery in aerodynamic racing form, these rugs have imagery to get your wheels turning.

Put a bike on the floor in a fittingly custom size rug and get that cruiser out of the garage. Lock a bike up where you can keep an eye on it. Roll out the door with the sun casting shadows on your wheels and spokes on your area rugs.

Speed down the road with a streak of scenery rushing at your handlebars. These bicycle rugs let you cycle to the snow-capped peaks of the Continental Divide; see your family reflected in an evening pond; do that solitary race training in the ghostly morning shadows of a cityscape. From simple graphics to fantastically whimsical designs to your floor mats or bath mats, these bicycle rugs give you the same freedom your bike does.

Tickle your nose with the fresh scent of mountain air as your wheels kick up daisies for your dress and hair, butterflies wheeling along with you in a fanciful field of dreams. Leap into an azure sky backlit by a brilliant sun. Take a break to gather some flowers by the shore.

Paint a bike with a rainbow or ride one on the dirt-track top of a steep cliff in the last of the pearly light. Onward through the fog and rocky patches. Keep your wheels turning in the room and take life's curves with ease, wherever you go with these bicycle rugs.

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