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Smiley Face Rugs

Our smiley face rugs let you decorate any room in your home or office with an iconic symbol of happiness, friendliness and good vibes. These custom rugs feature the classic, simple yellow smiley face you adore, but also come in a variety of unique, heartwarming and hilarious takes on this familiar theme. The smiley faces even appear in many colors, such as blue, gold or green, allowing you to choose area rugs that match both the joy inside of you and the decor inside your house. Welcome guests into your home with a floor mat that pictures a pair of round yellow cartoon characters amiably shaking hands.

A green-eyed smiley face is clasping the hand of his blue-eyed friend as they look at each other with warmth and tenderness. Another smiley face rug pattern will get your guests laughing as they come in the door, when they see a floor mat that features a friendly face grinning up at them with a mouth full of shiny white teeth. Greet customers into your business with a carpet rug that shows a smiley face giving a big thumbs up.

He's also smiling jovially and raising his tiny black eyebrows above his big green eyes. For your kids, select area rugs that will cheer them up when they're feeling down. How about a personalized rug that adds your son's name to the sight of a 3D smiley face wearing a gold king's crown? Then give your little girl a rug with a lady smiley face wearing a blue ribbon and red lipstick.

These smiley face rugs take this endearing theme to even more creative places, such as a row of bobbing kids' hands each painted with a pair of eyes and a grin. The seven hands on this carpet rug are colored purple, green, yellow, turquoise, blue, lime green, red and leaf green. You can never have too many smiles, so order our smiley face themed fabric and blankets as well.

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