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Smiley Face Wall Art

Decorate with cartoon depictions of a beautiful natural art form, smiles, by selecting our smiley face wall art. Choose a wall hanging for each family member, with a special design that expresses their interest in books, fantasy, nature, humor, superheroes, sports or other fun themes made from classic smiley faces. Show that a single smile always stands out by hanging up a poster that pictures a yellow smiley face set amid a crowd of frowning blue faces. Another smiley face wall art pattern portrays the positivity of smiling with three unique street signs set against a blue sky.

The first sign on the art board is painted with a frowning red face, the next with an expressionless orange face, and the last with a cheerful green smiley face. Continue your new wall décor with canvas wall art that will make your kids smile as big as their favorite cartoon characters. These include posters that feature a smiley face wearing a red cape and blue superhero suit as he flies into the air.

Little girls love our wall hangings that show a yellow smiley face lady wearing a baby blue hair ribbon and grinning shyly with her bright red lips. We also have smiley face wall art designs that portray the emoticon style of the computer age. One of these art boards shows a playfully winking smiley face looking at you with one big blue eye and making a friendly A-ok hand gesture on a pure white background.

You can bring laughter and charm to your floors and furniture as well, with our smiley face themed rugs and window curtains.

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