1960s Rugs

Worlds largest choices of 1960s styled decorative rugs. Every graphic can be made into a special size, or rug type such as a floor mat.

Want to give a room that groovy feeling that only a 60s theme can bring?  VisionBedding has very unique 1960s rug designs that will set a room apart from any other. Bring back the groove with a classic peace sign on a rug in a color made to match and fit perfectly in any room.

Light up a room with a floor mat of a lava lamp design in six varying colors without having to plug them in or a retro wall art to add the right style. Looking to add a little love to a room?  There is nothing like an area rug of love, peace, and joy. Add a peace sign along with a colorful flower and cupids very own heart and arrow to make a design found that any teenage girl would love to have on their very own 1960s rug to bring a unique home decor style.

We offer 1960s themed round rugs, area rugs, plush rugs, and floor mats.  Our 1960s rugs are comfortable enough for a drum circle or a yoga group, and that’s only if you want to sit on them!  Even better, all of our 1960s rugs can be customized in size and personalized in image. No matter the color desired, custom size rugs can be tailored to fit any need making it a personalized one of a kind design.  We wouldn’t want you to miss out on the classic shot of you and your friends at a concert dressed in bell bottoms and fringe, would we? You won’t have to settle on image or size when it comes to VisionBedding’s 1960s rugs.  Stand on your old hippy ceremonies forever

We offer all sorts of 60s images: a van with a bright yellow surfboard strapped to the roof and parked next to the open ocean can add a laid back relaxed feeling helping any teen or college student to relax and study hard while. The 1960s were all about curvy styles and patterns, and adding a style with wandering curves and colors to a rug is sure to place it right in the middle of this era while giving it that personalized feel found only here. A one of a kind 1960s rug with a characteristic long bearded hippie sitting comfortably cross-legged playing the guitar in blue jeans, t-shirt, and headband with a background of swirls and clouds will fit great into any room as well

Step into the sixties with these themed rugs and be taken away back in time!

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